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About us

We believe people make the difference! PINKTUM just makes them move...

For over 25 years our focus has been on developing organizations and their people. We have always been curious about and stayed up to date with the most effective ways of upskilling people and changing their behavior. And we have tried it all – online and offline in-class training, coaching, blended programs, … you name it! During the COVID pandemic, we supported various companies in the shift to remote and later on hybrid working. During this time, we witnessed first-hand how valuable online learning content can enhance people’s skills, potential and motivation, even when the learning process is entirely remote. However, we also saw a need for more truly high-quality online learning content, that aims to make a difference on the on-the-job performance of people, rather than being a classic 1-hour experience, that is 90% forgotten the next day by the consuming attitude people have with classic elearnings.

That is why we founded PINKTUM E-Learning in 2021. PINKTUM combines our years of research and expertise in developing leadership, sales, and empowerment of people and teams with the current demands on learning. We understand the difficulty of delivering online learnings that really make an impact and have created inspiring and practice-focused, state-of-the-art E-Learnings that rise to the challenge. We still believe that the people are the most important part of an organization. Through PINKTUM we ensure that these people can get moving and make the difference they are meant for.

We believe the big challenge of individual development can be small & fun, PINKTUM!

All our online learnings are based on three building blocks: Make sense, make it real, make it small & fun. With ‘make sense’ we ensure the individual understanding of vital theories. ‘Make it real’ drives a person’s commitment to push through and implement new learnings in a practical matter. With our third building block ‘make it small & fun’ we add one of the most important, and often underestimated, ingredient to learning: the intrinsic commitment.

We ensure that people stay committed and motivated to learn by a mix of inspirational content, small incremental steps, and constant nudges to mitigate the struggle of developing online routines. We take one small (and not overwhelming) step at the time to achieve the big change!

PINKTUM is founded by partners of the Pawlik group, a consultancy firm founded in 1996 with a global network and various offices in Europe and Asia.


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