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Sales ultimately secures the survival and growth of the organization. In combination with marketing and operations, your sales department shapes your customers’ perception and opinion of your organization.

With your sales strategy as a starting point, the success of your sales department is determined by the ability of your individual sales men and women to successfully deliver to that strategy. Skills, knowledge, and mindset! And in the meanwhile cope with the ongoing transition of their customer preferences and expectations.

The playing field of sales is changing, creating a different ask for skills and competences of your salesforce to find success that often requires a new, customer-centric market approach. For example, offering solutions instead of products, building relationships with customers to build loyalty, and planning sales activities to leverage the quantitative power of technology.

PINK supports every individual of your organization to successfully implement the transition of sales. Our Sales e-Learning competences are tailormade to today’s trends and based on over 25 years of experience improving people and organizations.

You can find a complete list of our Sales E-Learnings in our product catalogue. Download it here.