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Leadership sets the baseline for the culture, effectiveness, productivity and creativity of your organization. Effective leadership is vital within all organization structures - whether it is hierarchical, agile or political organizations.

There are many (and often opposing) theories on the traits of an effective leader, and whether these can be learned. The only alignment in research and practice can be found in the fact that there is no ready-made all-encompassing list that defines the ideal leader.

Effective leadership is not so much composed of a fixed set of traits. Rather, it is the ability to exhibit the right behavior in every situation. Behavior can be learned!

To learn effective leadership behavior, you need awareness and alignment. Being aware of the different scenarios that might require your leadership and how they differ from each other. And being able to react to them effectively by aligning your organization’s goals with your team’s dynamic and motivation, as well as your own abilities.

PINK supports every manager of your organization to successfully implement inspired and effective leadership. Our Leadership e-Learning competences are tailormade to today’s trends and based on over 25 years of experience improving people and organizations.

You can find a complete list of our Leadership E-Learnings in our product catalogue. Download it here.