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Team dynamics

Patterns within your team have a major impact on job satisfaction, effectiveness, and creativity of your employees, teams, and organization. Conscious designing and driving team dynamics helps to make full use of them.

Kurt Lewin is the creator of the term team dynamics: 'In collaboration, people often assume a certain role with corresponding behavior. Group or team dynamics is the effect that these roles and behaviors have on other team members.'

Team dynamics are always there. Put four individuals together and you create dynamics. Something is happening. However, the effectiveness and closeness of a team does not grow by itself. There are a number of factors, including clear communication, trust, commitment, and a shared vision, that must be present to build that closeness. And these factors need to be developed.

PINK supports every team member of your organization to develop the skills of an effective team player. Our Team Dynamics e-Learning competences are tailormade to today’s trends and based on over 25 years of experience improving people and organizations.

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