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Can the E-Learnings be hosted through our own LMS?

Yes! We offer support several integration options between our platform and your LMS, including LTI and SCORM.

How do our learners access your E-Learning platform?

That depends on the connection between our learning platform and your LMS. If you decide against an integration to your own LMS, your learners will receive an E-Mail invite from us that includes a link to our platform. Through that link they can set up an account for our platform in one easy step and access all selected courses. If you are opting for an LTI or SCORM connection to your own LMS, participants will access our online content through your LMS and your preferred registration process.

Can your E-Learnings be downloaded as SCORM?

Yes! We offer a classic SCORM connection where we can download an entire course from our platform that can then be integrated in your LMS.

Can your E-Learning environment be accessed through any device?

Ja! Je kunt toegang krijgen tot ons online leerplatform via elke gangbare browser op je laptop, mobiel of tablet. Met een account op ons platform wordt je voortgang binnen een E-Learning bovendien online opgeslagen, zodat je midden in een cursus van apparaat kunt wisselen en toch verder kunt gaan waar je gebleven was.

How long does it take on average to finish a PINKTUM E-Learning course?

That depends on yourself! All of our trainings are made up of micro activities that each take between 1 to 10 minutes to complete. If you go through an entire course at once, you can finish all activities between 60 to 90 minutes. However, as we believe in getting people moving, we provide a lot of activities in our online course that should be implemented in practice. So to truly embody the knowledge shared in our E-Learnings within your on-the-job activities, we advise that you take at least one week to go through and implement the methods and activities step by step.

What kind of insights can we get about the use and progress of participants in courses?

That depends on the connection between our learning platform and your LMS. If you are exclusively hosting your participants on our platform, we will share their usage data with you through a URL that automatically updates its information as participants progress within the E-Learning. That information includes an overview of completed and open activities, results for quizzes and online questions, as well as overall time spent on the course. If you are opting for a SCORM-based integration, your data insights depend on the possibilities of your own LMS. With an LTI connection you get the best of both worlds: data and insights from your own platform, as well as detailed information about participants’ progress from our platform.

What happens with the data that you receive from our employees?

Depending on the method you choose to access our online courses, we require no more than the following personal information: Name - Email address - Password (this is encrypted) - IP address. With this information we can grant the learners from your organization access to our online platform. For example, learners need to enter their name, email address, and a chosen password to create a user account. Their password is encrypted and stored in our system.